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commercial removal company

Ringway Jacobs

Location: Chelmsford, Essex

Sector: Highway Maintenance

In April 2023, Undiscovered Workplace started discussions with Ringway Jacobs regarding their office clearance and reconfiguration of remaining furniture. Ringway Jacobs were re-sizing the office to adapt to a more hybrid way of working. The project consisted of recycling the redundant furniture and reconfiguration of some existing furniture to suit a new office layout. They took the opportunity to assess, scan and shred paperwork to free up space within the new configuration.  One of the crucial parts of the projects was to ensure the furniture was reused and recycled in an ethical manner.

Undiscovered Workplace was appointed as the office clearance company to manage the project. Working alongside the internal HR and facilities team, Undiscovered planned and delivered the project. The project lasted for 3 days.

Project Goals:

  • To provide a new desking area for their teams
  • To ensure downtime was minimised as much as possible
  • To provide ethical recycling solutions
  • To arrange secure shredding and scanning of documents

Services We Supplied:

  • On-site move management  
  • Move teams 
  • Sustainable office clearance 
  • Ethical waste recycling
  • Secure shredding and scanning

Project Outcome:

Undiscovered Workplace completed the project on time and to budget. Reconfiguration was done to make accommodations for a disabled member of staff.