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Why invest in a workplace of the future?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

Businesses are looking to invest in the workplace for the future:

  • 37% of business say to improve productivity

  • 36% of business say to improve creativity/innovation

  • 25% of business say to reduce costs

  • 24% of business say to increase flexibility/agility

  • 22% of business say to improve employee well-being

  • 21% of business say to improve work life balance

  • 20% of business say to improve collaboration

  • 18% of business say to improve employee morale

  • 16% of business say to improve retention

  • 15% of business say to improve talent pipeline

All of the above statistics will have a factor on how your business is going to move forward and succeed. Improving productivity is hard to measure, how do we measure productivity? This is complicated, it depends on the task and each individual doing the task, it is very subjective. What we can say is that improving innovation in the workplace around technology and data should improve productivity and streamline processes and automate some of the mundane tasks.

It's interesting, all the above statistics shall overlap each other somewhere along the line in the workplace, improving work life balance shall have a positive effect on your well-being. Perhaps moving to a 4-day-week or a 6-hour-day can improve a businesses well-being, work life balance and productivity for their employees. How far do we go with the workplace? Will SMEs struggle to keep up and compete with the corporate organisations of the world and to hire in talent? Does this mean the next generation of talent are choosing the best working environment and work life benefits over salary? We believe if you have the best spaces but the wrong culture you wont succeed. A nice office without any staff............. hmmmmm, you wont be in business! Look at your culture first.

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