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Tips & Tricks When Working Remotely

With over 59% of UK people working from home at the moment, we thought we'd share some useful tips  to stay productive and healthy.

  • Try and separate your workspace to your living space 

  • Set a routine but also don't worry if some days it doesn't go to plan

  • Get advice and help on a good ergonomic desk chair 

  • Try not to just work from a laptop, get an additional PC screen and HDMI lead to connect your laptop and screen together 

  • Take regular breaks from your computer screen 

  • Get some fresh air daily. Either a walk, run or bike can help with your productivity 

  • Write a list of tasks each day you want to complete 

  • Check in with your boss or team each day 

  • Eat healthy and take on fluids 

  • Don't listen to the news all the time, save this to once a day may be.

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