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Planning your return to the office.........Are we moving to a Hybrid workplace?

Updated: Oct 20, 2020

You're probably planning the return to your workplace by reviewing operating procedures to do this safely and responsibly. COVID-19 has bought many challenges to all types of organisations, we’ve seen adaptions in IT & technology, policies, working styles, finances, health, employees, contracts of all kinds, commutes and the list goes on. We’ve now entered a period of workplace ‘uncertainty’ and whilst we believe the office isn’t ‘dead’ it certainly will never be the same again. Are we moving towards a Hybrid workspace? We've listed some considerations from a ‘workplace project’ view, to ensure the change and return back to your workplace goes smoothly and safely:

  • Firstly, we'd recommend a survey to all your employees asking what changes they would like to see in the workplace before they come back to the office. What their concerns or worries are? How they feel about their commute, etc. You can review and include the results into your project plan. All decisions should be evidence based

  • Review your office floor space, you may already have a CAD drawing of your floor plate, if not reach out and we can point you in the right direction

  • Review your current property portfolio. Can you condense or expand your workspace? Could you rent some flexible office space outside London or major cities to mitigate the risk of your employees commuting into the more infectious areas? Can you create a Hybrid workspace?

  • Review your workplace maximum occupation and what the new maximum occupation will be, more than likely this will need to reduce from its current occupation to enable your employees to work and collaborate safely. If you haven’t already implemented agile working you will need to review this and adapt agile working across the organisation. Contact us and I will recommend and introduce you to professionals in this field

  • Complete a furniture audit to determine furniture you will keep against furniture you will either recycle, re-home or store. Contact us for more details on this service

  • Look to re-shuffle the layout of your current workplace to accommodate additional workplace social laws such as working one-two meters apart. Could you have to much open plan office space, reviewing this could prompt your decision to include some cellular offices or office pods to give your employees a more personal space. Your cafe/canteen area will no longer be used like it was before, you may look to reduce this space and make use of it to incorporate desk space 

  • Review your workplace technology and think about introducing desk booking facilities and touchless enter and exits

  • Review with your building manager or FM provider new building opening times, you may want to operate 24/7 so you can stagger start times if appropriate. You’ll need to agree staggering times into the building to avoid congestion around lift and reception areas. Implement new hygiene & health procedures, you’ll agree these with your FM or building management team

  • Once you’ve confirmed the layout and incorporated some new safe working practices, engage with one or more of the following companies:

  1. Move Management / Business Relocation

  2. Workplace Change Consultant

  3. Fit-Out, Design & Build

  4. Commercial Real Estate Agent

You can then pull together a project team to plan, implement, execute your new workplace strategy. Remember to constantly engage with your staff on feedback and keep them up to date with your plans. 

Business Relocation experts can complete the planning and physical internal re-stack and re-shuffle of your workplace including the decommission and recommission of any desktop IT equipment. They provide packing crates and recycling of redundant furniture or storage services when changing the layout of your offices. All equipment can be sanitized after. We work with all organisations helping them prepare a 'return to work phased plan,' including the collection and delivery of items from employees homes back to the workplace if required. 

For more information on how we can support your workplace project please contact us

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