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Office Move Toolkit

There comes a time when most businesses need to move office. Businesses relocate offices for many reasons. The most common reasons are: due to their lease expiring, they are expanding, scaling down, or the current space they occupy is no longer suitable. Moving office can become a headache without the right tools or planning leading up to the move. It can be time-consuming and stressful.

Most people in the company responsible for the move are either office managers, personal assistants, facility managers, HR managers or internal project managers. For some, this may be a new experience and the first time managing a move. Others have experienced moving offices before and know that planning and seeking professional advice is critical for a successful relocation. Everything about the move is to ensure you are up and running at the agreed point so your people in the business can enjoy the new space from day one. Taking the project on with your day-to-day job and starting with no tools or guides can seem daunting and a huge task to take on.

We have over 15 years of experience planning and delivering office moves in different sectors. We know how to do this right and what help you may need along the way. We have created an office moving toolkit to support people responsible for the move in their business. Our toolkit will save you time, money, and resources and make you look great when your manager asks how it went! Our toolkit means you will not have to start from scratch. It already has the templates for you to complete. Most importantly, it is free to download from our website and provides you with expert advice and planning leading up to your office relocation.

Need Help with your Business Relocation?

In the toolkit, you will find:

– Guide to a successful office move

– Office move checklist

– Letter template to your clients and suppliers

– Budget tracker

– People and asset register

– Example office move plan (10,000sqft offices)

Its interactive office moving checklist means you won’t need to print it off to complete tasks. Everything in this toolkit is online which, means you won’t need to print the documents.

To get access to this toolkit for free click, here.

Remember, knowing your costs is key to keeping your project within budget and, you’ll have very few surprises.

To discuss the next steps or if you need help and assistance with the toolkit, reach out to our team on 02038761479 or 01245976650. You can also send us an email at

Over the last few months, we have been working on an office moving toolkit. We are really excited to be able to share this with you. This will give you the tools required to help plan a successful office move or reconfiguration. If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to reach out:

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