Businesses are moving less, therefore, the need to recycle unwanted furniture increases. Nothing goes to landfill; we’ve developed relationships with a trusted group of suppliers to ensure a consistent and reliable zero-landfill approach.  Our life cycle of furniture is a fully audited, cost-effective disposal route for your redundant office furniture which complies with companies’ organisational goals. Using only EURO VI emissions vehicles to move goods, we reduce our carbon footprint and minimise our environmental impact. 

One of the key components being we manage this internally, providing a fully audited chain of disposal which falls in line with your organisational goals and strategy. You will never hear 'we don't know' when you ask us where something went. All disposal partners are vetted, and certificates will be approved and issued.

We work with your business to support your Corporate Social Responsibility. We guarantee the furniture is recycled economically and environmentally. We clear offices from desks to paperclips. We’re legal and compliant ourselves by becoming a registered waste carrier.