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Moving to a Paperless Workplace? How Filing Audits Can Help

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The main benefits of cloud-based solutions for filing include:

Reduced costs – there are no capital outlay costs for hardware or software. Subscription fees may be paid annually or monthly, depending on how the service is set up. This makes it easier to adapt to changing needs and budgets. 

Reduced environmental impact – there is no need for paper storage space or printers, which reduces your carbon footprint. 

Increased efficiency – you can access files remotely and promptly from anywhere in the world with an internet connection, giving you more flexibility as a team member or business owner.

We all know space costs money in any environment. Saving space on filing cabinets for some businesses will reduce their occupancy costs by thousands each year.  For 200 people in your business, you may have 50 filing cabinets as an estimate (4 drawers). This means around 70m² of office space is occupied by filing. You can calculate the savings on space even if you halved the number of filing cabinets required.

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Are you Struggling with Paper Filing? Is Your Filing System Outdated, Inefficient and Costly?

If so, it’s time for a filing audit.

A filing audit will help you determine the best solution for your business. The first step is to conduct a comprehensive review of your current processes and file retention policies. Once this has been completed, you can assess the amount of filing you currently have in your offices and whether it is enough or if more would be beneficial. Once this is done, you can review the filing you have vs the filing you need or want.

Cloud-based solutions allow you to store your documents in an off-site location that can be accessed anywhere at any time.  This means that if there’s an emergency or natural disaster situation, your files are always safe.

 In addition, cloud-based solutions allow users to easily share and collaborate on documents with others who may not even be in the same office as them.  This improves efficiency by allowing employees to work from home or other locations that would normally require travel time.

All of this information will help to create a better workplace culture and improve efficiency within your organisation.
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