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How to Prepare Your Hotel or Restaurant For a Smooth FF&E Installation

No move is complete without furniture, fixtures and equipment installation.

Procuring, delivering and installing FF&E may sound like a complex process, but it can be made seamless with just a little preparation.

The best thing you can do first and foremost is to use an experienced and trusted moving company that tailors their services to your needs. This will ensure that your business receives the service that’s right for you – based on your budget, size and daily operations. You’ll get precise delivery and placement, personal advice and assistance and minimal downtime and disruption. Guaranteed.

Once you’ve chosen your provider, it’s time to prepare for installation. In this article, we list some of the key tasks that will ensure your FF&E installation runs as smoothly as possible.

Keep All Stakeholders Updated

All stakeholders should be aware of the installation and any details that might affect them and their routine. Keeping stakeholders happy is as simple as keeping them informed early on and throughout the process.

Clear the Entry and Exit Areas for the Installation Team

A proficient installation team will deliver and install FF&E to the exact location you specify. This process can be made even easier if the entry and exit areas are clear of any obstructions. Some items may be large, fragile or require multiple specialists to move, so it’s helpful if there is nothing in the way. It makes their job easier, safer and more efficient.

Send the Floor Plan and Supporting Inventories to the FF&E Installation Company

Proficient installers will plan ahead of the installation and ensure they’re familiar with the layout of your hotel or restaurant. This is only achievable if you send them the latest copy of the floor plan. Doing so will allow the installers to identify the quickest and safest routes that also ensure minimal disruption to your project.

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Designate a Responsible Person During the Delivery Phase

A responsible person will be able to assist the installers should anything come up that wasn’t planned for. The responsible person should have reasonable status within the company and considerable knowledge of the layout and inventory. Choose this person wisely and make sure they understand their role during the delivery phase. This will ensure any unforeseen issues are dealt with quickly.

Clear the Installation Area and Make Plans for the Removal of Existing Furniture

Just like the entrances and exits, the installation process will be safer and more efficient if the installation area is clear. It will give the specialists the space to set up the FF&E in the exact way you’d like. 

The removal of existing furniture is another component of FF&E that can be offered to you if required. If you need furniture removed, make sure you have arranged this with the installers beforehand and have cleared any obstructions from around the items.

For a seamless FF&E installation service, choose the experts at Undiscovered Workplace. We are specialists in FF&E installation across the UK, working with clients in the hospitality, build-to-rent and retail sectors. More than just installers, we act as the logistics arm of the whole project, which means that we help coordinate and liaise with suppliers, landlords and architects to ensure your equipment is installed on time and within budget. From start to finish, we will deliver a seamless installation that minimises downtime and disruption of your business.

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