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An Ultimate Guide to Office Relocation

Planning for an office removal or relocation can be time consuming and stressful, especially if you have not managed one before. With so much to think about, even finding the right place to start your planning can be challenging. 

This is where some expert advice is invaluable and the team at Undiscovered Workplace have been planning and delivering office relocations for many years. With this level of experience, the Undiscovered Workplace staff know exactly what the challenges are and how best to solve them. 

In fact, when businesses are planning their office removal, Undiscovered Workplace can also help with managing the office clearance. Over recent years the office clearance has become an increasingly important part of a business relocation project for many businesses. Undiscovered Workplace employs an ethical and sustainable approach to all furniture clearances with the expertise to increase the life cycle of the furniture at the heart of the project. 

To learn more about how Undiscovered Workplace can support your office removal or relocation, reach out to our team, and book a call. 

You can also find useful advice in our office relocation guide, covering many questions around planning an office removal with helpful answers. The Undiscovered Workplace Office Removal Toolkit is accessible to download here.

Once the toolkit has been downloaded from the website, you can have a look through a choice of different documents, each of which is designed to help answer your questions around what to think about when planning a successful office move.  

Here is a quick guide to the documents you will find inside the Undiscovered Workplace Tool Kit and how they can help you plan ahead and make sure your office removal goes as smoothly as possible with as little inconvenience as possible.

Budget Tracker

This document will help keep your office relocation costs in one place and keep you on budget or show any variations to the costs. In the budget tracker you can include all the costs associated with the move. You will also notice some example cost lines have already been included, to get you started.

How to Plan and Organise your Office Move

In this article you will find a handy selection of hot tips which are invaluable when planning your office move. The guide starts with an essential checklist and explains useful information you’ll need to pull together as you think about what your office move will entail. Undiscovered Workplace has created an office move checklist to help you get started instantly with your planning, so you can use this or create your own.

Change of Address Template

This document is a template you can edit and use to send to your customers and suppliers informing them of your office removal. It also explains any actions they need to take in order to keep up to date with you.

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High Level Office Move Timeline

Undiscovered Workplace’s high-level office move timeline is a completed example business relocation timeline for 10,000sqft offices and above. It describes a high-level timeline for each task or milestone. The timeline is also a valuable tool for smaller offices to view and take away anything relevant for their office relocation.

Your Office Move Timeline Template

To get an insight into your move timeline, inside this document there are prefilled tasks which are relevant to office relocations. Businesses can add and amend the tasks and milestones to suit their own needs to keep the project on track and allocate tasks to members of their team. This document is a great help to make sure you have a clear idea of the jobs involved and who is going to be responsible for them.

How to Communicate to your People About your Office Move

Communication is key when moving offices, as it’s never easy implementing change in a workplace. In this article we explain how and when to communicate effectively to your people about the office removal or relocation in order to get the right engagement from your workforce and cause the minimum amount of disruption.

New Office Welcome Pack for your People

Knowing your people have everything they need before they arrive at the new offices really helps with the office removal process. Undiscovered Workplace’s new office welcome pack allows you to edit and tailor the document to your own business and operations. This can be sent out to your people before they arrive at the new offices.

People and Asset Register

When managing larger office relocations with people on different floor levels and involving several assets to consider in the move, it is a great idea to use this template which will help with the people move at your current and new location. This is particularly helpful if you are managing your relocation over separate phases.

Your Successful Office Move Guide

In this guide we have listed our 7-step process to a successful office removal. It is aimed at businesses with greater than 10,000sqft of office space, however, it will be useful for any size business to read and extract relevant information from for their business relocation. 

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